BBQ Caprese Quail

A very small bird with such an amazing flavour, highly sought after by chefs all over. This recipe has been influence by Japanese style BBQ.

BBQ Caprese QuailServes 4

4X Deboned Quail

8x Cherry truss, tomatoes sliced

2x Buffalo mozzarella/bocconcini chopped

1x handful of basil, torn


Assemble the caprese by tossing the tomatoes, cheese and basil together.  Lay the quail meat side up and skin side down and place a pinch of caprese on to the meat. Close the bird around the filling and secure the seam by threading a skewer through the skin/meat so the filling does not fall out (You might need a couple of skewers to make it work.

Place the quail on a medium/high bbq or pan and sear for 5  minutes on each side or until the quail is cooked to your liking and the filling has begun to warm and melt. Serve with the usual BBQ sides (Salads, grilled potatoes)