Slow cooked lamb shoulder coated in herbs & spices

One of the best Lamb cuts to cook is the shoulder, even better when the bone is still attached to the meat for greater flavour and “wow” factor when the shoulder is ready to eat and pooled straight out of the bone ready to melt in your mouth.

This recipe will help you keep the moisture of the lamb succulent and juicy while at the same time unbelievably tasty. You can do it in a wood fire,  gas, or just a conventional oven.

Recipe ingredients:

1x Lamb Shoulder.

1x Cup of Apple sider vinegar.

5x Cloves of garlic.

1xTea spoon of cumin powder.

2x Tea spoons of Smoked sweet paprika.

2x small sticks of fresh rosemary Fresh

1x Table spoon of salt

1x Tea spoon of Black pepper

2x Table spoons of Olive oil

3x Red Onions

1x Cup of  shiraz wine or any dry red.

Cut all excess fat from lamb shoulder if needed.  Place cloves of garlic, cumin, paprika, salt, pepper, chopped rosemary in a pestle and mortar,  grind all ingredients until all mixed together.

Add Apple sider into the pestle, add  olive oil and mix all ingredients until is made in to a paste.

Once the paste is ready.  With your hands or brush, coat Lam with paste until fully coated.  Leave lamb to rest for 30 minutes.  Grub a deep baking tray, add 1 table spoon of olive oil.

Cote the whole bottom of tray.  Cut brown onions in 1/2  (do not peal).  Place them on the bottom of the tray with the cut end facing up in two rows of 3 peace.

Place Lamb on top of onions.

Turn on oven to 220C, once turned on, use top grill and let the lamb seal on both sides by turning it over when it’s done (Make sure is slightly charred on both side, be very careful not to burn the lamb).

Once this is done take the lamb out of the oven, place cup of red wine in baking tray. Seal tray with aluminium foil and place tray in over.  Turn oven down to 100C and leave in oven for 4 ½  Hours.

If you are cooking with gas, seal the meat on a large frying pan and place it back on the tray seal it well with aluminium foil.  With wood fire oven, make sure you don’t burn the meat, just get it slightly charred, the seal with foil (make sure you bring down the heat to about 100c.

Take out lamb, let it rest for 5/10 minutes. And try the lamb.  This dish will work very well with winter roasted or steam vegetables and can use the excess juices from the lamb to make a fantastically aromatic gravy to with your side dishes.